about me

When I married my husband, Nate, in 2007, I decided to get a'nice' camera to take on our honeymoon. Little did I know that would light a spark inside me to make photography into my passion and business.

I love capturing those moments in your life that you don't want to forget. Whether it's that wrinkly newborn stage, a first birthday, extended family finally in the same city, your first (or fifth!) pregnancy, or anything in between - if you want to remember it, I want to put it on (digital) film.

My sessions are usually on-location, meaning that we decide together where to meet. Newborns are usually done in the comfort of your own home, and I love meeting at new parks, college campuses, downtown Austin, or anywhere else that we can think of. Because of my'traveling' studio, I like to work with natural light, although I certainly bring some artificial lighting with me for those times when I just need a little more control.

I'm a wife to Nate, mother to Avanelle (born in May 2011) and Keady-the-Dog (our yellow lab), Software Engineer during the week, volleyball player, lover of all things with an instruction manual, and a Purdue graduate.